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  • A Charleston chef receives a coveted invitation to one of the food world highlights of the year

  • Feasting off the land at a legendary Lowcountry boar hunt

  • For the past four years, Limehouse’s pumpkins have made their way to doorsteps and dinner tables across the Lowcountry

  • Camellia leaves looking a little dull? Magnolia giving a spotty showing?

  • “There are easier crops to grow in Charleston than pumpkins, but none that are so well worth the effort,” says avid pumpkin grower Sidi Limehouse of Rosebank Farms on John’s Island. “

  • We say, you’re in the right place! A look at the much-loved summer crop peeking out of Lowcountry gardens large and small. Plus: tasty new spins on tomato-inspired dishes

  • In the spirit of long Lowcountry summers spent on Edisto Island as a girl, Charleston native Elizabeth Boineau invites family and friends to gather on the marshes of their childhood haunt

  • The perfect picnic is one that’s seasonally inspired but not time-consuming, inventive but not tough to transport. Here, find four delicious recipes that fit the bill for all your outdoor adventures

  • Pastry chef M. Kelly Wilson makes haute desserts easy with recipes and tips for the home cook

  • At home, chef Bob Carter serves up an interactive menu to entertain adults and kids alike


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