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Most people in Charleston have been blessed with never having had to wonder where their water for the day will come from or whether it is safe for drinking, and locals joined together with Water Missions International for the 7th Annual Walk for Water to support and raise awareness for the global water crisis affecting one billion people worldwide on Saturday, March 23.

The large crowd of participants gathered in Cannon Park and picked up white buckets to be carried during the walk. The buckets symbolized the trek women and children are forced to make to collect water in developing countries, and the 3.5 mile walk wove throughout historic downtown Charleston before returning to Cannon Park. 

The family friendly affair got underway with smiles, laughter, and high fives from a man in a pig-suit. “Hey, Mr. Pig Man!” chorused a group of children, who all trotted along balancing their buckets on their heads with one hand. 

The three and a half mile route wove back to Cannon Park, where participants relaxed and enjoyed snacks, drinks, the opportunity to merchandise, and informational displays about the water crisis from Water Missions International

Water Missions International’s Walk for Water is an annual event that advocates for those affected by the global water crisis and raises funds to provide safe water around the globe.