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Photo by: Adrienne Page

The name Lauren Santo Domingo is one that is popular amongst the fashion elite! You google her and find a million photos of her being noted for impeccable style. Her career has also been one of great praise as she currently holds the title of Vogue Contributing Editor and Moda Operandi Co-Founder and Creative Director. Last month she flew in with yet another big name, Derek Blasberg, editor at large of Harper’s Bazaar, senior editor of V magazine and Vman and former Fashion Panel Judge for Charleston Fashion Week® (CFW) 2011, to celebrate his new book Very Classy at the home of co-host and Soirée event guru Tara Guérard. It was a beautiful and intimate garden affair hosted also by Leapfrog PR's, Jackie Tyler Thomson which brought the local scene of style mavens and gallerina's together. I stole a moment to reminisce with Derek, while he signed my book and shortly after almost choked on my drink when Lauren mentioned she had heard great things about CFW!  (A total moment!) Every guest received a lovely parting token of her appreciation in the form of a very nice sum towards a Moda Operandi purchase. Which brings me to this wealth of information I will share with you! Moda Operandi is the first online luxury fashion retailer to allow members to pre-order tomorrow’s styles today. Hailed as a “revolutionary” retail model, Moda Operandi actually enables its members to receive pieces as they are seen on the runway as soon, if not a bit earlier, than when stores receive their shipments.  I'm talking instant gratification!  I managed to grab a brief moment of Lauren's time recently to get a first hand account of this phenom online shopping experience and her fashionable life:


AL:  With all of your expertise, what is one thing you think women forget about style? 

LSD: Sometimes I think people forget that fashion is supposed to be fun.  Don’t be afraid to take risks.


AL:  Any key style lessons you have learned from working with Vogue? 

LSD: Vogue has shaped my entire view on fashion and business and inspired my passion for Moda Operandi.


AL:  What led you to host your recent celebration of Derek Blasberg's Very Classy book release in Charleston? 

LSD:  Derek is a dear friend of mine and I do think that every young woman can learn a thing or two from his book Very Classy. While we live in a different world from that of our grandmothers, etiquette is something that never goes out of style.


AL:  Describe your personal closet? What has been the biggest influence of your personal style?

LSD:  I have a very eclectic collection at home because I am always finding different pieces that I love or that inspire me. I personally have been influenced by icons Nan Kempner and Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, both of whom had very different styles but took risks and carried their looks with confidence.


AL:  I noticed from my time in NYC Fashion Week in September that the collections were on sale almost instantly on Moda Operandi! How does this work?

LSD:  Moda Operandi is a website that offers its members unprecedented access to the world’s most special and unique fashion and jewelry collections. It’s the first online luxury retailer that allows members to pre-order from entire designer collections just days after a runway show. That’s an incredibly special opportunity because members are ensured they get their favorite pieces from their favorite designers regardless of geography or their size, and we are working with the world’s top designers like Marc Jacobs, Isabel Marant, Proenza Schouler, Vera Wang and Missoni. In addition to pre-orders, we do trunk shows of exceptional product like vintage Hermes handbags and exclusives with designers like Eddie Borgo and Swimwear desinger Lisa Marie Fernandez. In short, our members receive access to shopping opportunities on Moda Operandi they can’t find anywhere else.

AL:  Who are some of your favorite designers that have been featured on Moda Operandi since the sites launch in February? 

LSD:  Lately I tend to gravitate toward Proenza Schouler, Prabal Gurung and Eddie Borgo.


AL:  When overseeing the execution of the company's creative and brand strategy what are you priorities?

LSD:  We want to make sure that women receive the kind of retail experience they can’t receive anywhere else. We do that by emphasizing access to the world’s greatest brands and fashion houses.


AL:  What's next for the Moda Operandi brand? 

LSD:  We look forward to the next phase of our business as we continue to grow internationally and expand our site. We just recently announced extraordinary additions to our team at Moda Operandi that are among the top talent in the industry who share our vision of Moda Operandi redefining the future of retail.


Photo by: Stewart Shining


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