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Tinsley Mortimer swept through town with her new book Southern Charm in tow! All of the festivities celebrating the book launch took place at Hampden Clothing and was hosted by Stacy Smallwood and Leapfrog PR's Jackie Tyler Thomson. I popped into the book signing to chat with Tinsley and get her first hand take on why Charleston was so influential on the book. She explains, "This is actually my first time coming to Charleston. I grew up in Richmond, Virginia which is a very historical city itself so for the character Minty Davenport I wanted her to come from a very  historical city.  I know so much about Charleston and have seen so many beautiful pictures. I would have loved to have grown up here. I love the Palm trees mixed with the southern architecture. It's obviously one of the great Southern cities.  I just wanted her to come from such a great Southern city and even more southern than from where I'm from." Later that evening Hampden hosted a private party for the Southern Charm author which attracted many of the leading fashion mavens in this city! The room looked like a sea of chic, enough to make me want to run home for higher heels and designer threads! Charleston's clearly knows how to welcome a guest in style! 


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