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When limited to a color theme, it can be hard to throw a fresh, dynamic fete year after year. This year’s Spoleto SCENE White Party proved that all you need is a little creativity, a rooftop venue, and a young, hot crowd.

You could hear the party before you could actually see it, and partygoers checked in on the street at 77 Wentworth before ascending up the elevator to this year’s revamped White Party. Guests were greeted with a honeysuckle-infused vodka cocktail, which was very user friendly in a crowd of pristinely starched and painstakingly selected white garments, before being ushered out onto the rooftop.

The scenic views were only enhanced by the vibrantly hued sunset, and the crowd of young, hip professionals rubbed elbows and nibbled on bites from Hamby’s Catering. Hamby’s fully embraced the fresh, new feel of the White Party, offering up decadent skewers of chicken and waffles and tiny sliders with heirloom fingerling potatoes cutely nestled in a dainty smear of ketchup.

Guests perched on chic white lounges or mugged for the camera and several people scrupulously avoided other attendees who had unfortunately worn an identical outfit, but before long night had fallen and the glow sticks and bubbles came out. Gone was the Great Gatsby vibe of yore, this was a whole new White Party. Partygoers squeezed through the crowd of dancers to snatch up the glowing neon necklaces and bracelets, though more and more necklaces turned into headbands as the night wore on. Bubbles floated around the revelers as they danced about, and a Chinese lantern was sent up at last call with a loud cheer.

Partygoers rocked out until the very end, however, when they were ushered out into the Charleston clutching their choice of late-night snack: bags of cheddar popcorn or candy apples.

The White Party is an annual fete thrown by Spoleto SCENE, the young patron group of Spoleto Festival USA. Members of Spoleto SCENE help to support festival operations as well as helping to support Spoleto’s presentation of selected artists.