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This was my second year saying to myself 'I don't know if I'm really cut out for such an event as Skinful' but the intrigue is in the challenge. Can I make it through all of those acres of woods? Will I survive until 4 a.m.? Isn't this how every horror movie begins... in the woods? Everything about Skinful is an adventure from the bus ride there and even more so the bus ride back, the costumes or lack of (It is called Skinful for a reason) to stumbling (literally) across the many stages, performers and opportunities to dance until you think your knees will fall off. Things I loved about Skinful: Beastie Boys Mike D.'s DJ set that took more than 1,000 of us party goers on a journey of beats for almost two hours, The Geechee Island Food Truck that had a built in flat screen running loops of hip hop videos parked in the middle of the woods, all of the many VIP areas, and the burlesque dancer that swung a hula-hoop of fire around her neck and body. Throughout the night I kept asking myself... is this real life? I went with a crew- Pulp Fiction's Mia Wallace, Erykah Badu, Courtney Love, a Nerd, Dickinson Dandy and I was apparently a mix between video vixen, rock-star, and Tina Turner's character in Mad Max Thunderdome. (Hey, I'm not really a Halloweener.) Speaking of costume that rock, I vaguely remember yelling 'You win!' to a group of 5 people walking in perfect order as different Tetris blocks.  Things I learned from Skinful: Don't wear shoes that you ever want to wear again, take a flashlight, it IS possible to put black tape over your naughty bits and call it a costume and not get arrested, and lastly, I may be too old for this.  I also learned that even at my age, I still need earmuffs to make it through a Too Short performance. Whoa!  The truth is that it is an engagingly diverse experience with all ages and every type of character you can imagine. In the end what I gathered is that this night was all about memories with friends, stories to be told, and the unique fun that you can't help but have at this horror-able movie-esque affair. 


Check out my Skinful Street Style Snaps:


Olivia- Art Mag






Camille- Charleston After Dark


Marcus - The Local Palate