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The Southeastern Wildlife Exposition (SEWE) brings an influx of wildlife lovers, outdoorsmen, and art lovers to Charleston from all over the Southeast, and a number of SEWE attendees made their way to the hustle and bustle of King Street on Friday night for the King Street Stroll, which paired renowned wildlife artists with various galleries and stores.

Charleston welcomed guests with beautiful weather and clear skies, but the Michael Mitchell Gallery welcomed everyone with aquariums filled with shrimp, blowfish, and other colorful fish. People sipped wine while taking in the art work, chatting with painter Rick Reinert, and crowded around an open tank where handlers allowed everyone to touch live starfish, sea anemones, and blue crabs.

The evening was relaxing and mellow, and guests drifted from store to store, pausing to watch artist Paul Puckett hard at work at Hampden Clothing, try on jewelry at Oxette, and take in Larry Seymour’s intricate watercolors at Seeking Indigo. Margaritaville threw their colorful twist on the evening by offering strollers mini margaritas rather than the token glass of red or white wine.

The Southeastern Wildlife Exposition is the largest event of its kind in the United States, attracting over 500 artists and exhibitors. Now in it’s 29th year, the three day event draws over 40,000 people to Charleston, SC. SEWE aims to contribute to the economy while promoting wildlife conservation through educational outreach programs and a strong focus on the visual arts.