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Are diamonds really a girl's best friend? I did the research last week at Paulo Geiss Jewelers' Magic of Forevermark Event held at the wonderfully nostalgic Riviera at Charleston Place. It felt nothing short of Old Hollywood glamour complete with a sea of luxe diamonds. Not just any diamonds though. These precious gems are a part of the A. Link Forevermark collection, known as 'the world's most carefully selected diamonds' and the beauty of this detail is that each diamond has an invisible-to-the-eye number inscribed on the surface which you can track all the way back to the day it was coal in the mines.



Later in the evening we all gathered together in the theater to watch the Millionaire’s Magician” Steve Cohen, notably featured on The Late Show of David Letterman, CBS Sunday Morning and CNN, perform the impossible. Now, I will admit, I always feel a little uneasy when there is talk of magic and illusion. OK, that is an understatement. Perhaps a better term to use would be 'freaked out'. Sure enough to my mental detriment, Cohen was a master at his craft performing acts of reading peoples minds, linking audience members rings together in a glass, turning back the time on a watch plucked from the audience, cards levitating in mid air and one final magic number that he did with actual Forevermark diamonds in which the entire audience was the participant! Mind blowing! I just wished he had done the trick where the diamond ends up on my hand! Maybe next time! 

So in response to my leading question, based on the amount of diamonds on display that I ogled and swooned over... my answer is YES! Diamonds and I could have a wonderful friendship!


If you want your chance to view these conflict free A. Link Forevermark diamonds, they are exclusively sold locally at Paulo Geiss Jewelers.  Just in time for the Holidays!