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As a first time Pajama Run attendee, I couldn’t help being intrigued by the organization’s playful slogan, “Say Goodnight to Cancers Below the Waist”. A large crowd of pajama clad runners milled about the Joe Riley Stadium, proudly rocking flannel pants and tops despite the unseasonably warm weather. 


Executive Director Todd Trevillian welcomed everyone to the race, and introduced athlete Chris Nichols, who is currently pursuing his quest of being the first person to run across the United States and bike back in one year, who had dropped by to support the cause. Then the horn sounded and the runners were off, their nightgowns, PJs, and onesies creating quite a sight for those cheering the participants on from the sidelines. 


The outfits ranged from standard athletic attire to vintage nightgowns and matching pajama sets to a full pale blue onesie covered in yellow ducks.  As a man in a full sock monkey body suit made his way down the course, Trevillian laughed and commented, “You wouldn’t believe it, but we get people in lingerie out here!” 


Volunteers, family members, and fellow runners lingered to cheer each participant across the finish line, and the colorfully dressed crowd made for quite a sight! 


The Pajama Run was created in memory of Toni Boyle, and the organization now boasts 5 different chapters. The race focuses on raising funds for research on cancers below the waist such as colorectal, prostate, bladder, cervical, uterine, ovarian, and pancreatic cancers. To date, the Pajama Run has raised over $50,000.