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Charleston is an amazing place to live, due in part to the incredibly strong sense of community in this town. Nowhere was that so evident as at the Keegan-Filion Farm Barn Raising on Sunday, when fourteen of Charleston’s finest chefs were joined by a large, hungry crowd of Charlestonians at a fundraiser for Keegan-Filion Farm.

Partygoers stepped under the tents and immediately found their mouths watering. Table upon table lined the periphery of the tent, each station offering a different delectable dish. Chef Craig Deihl of Cypress served a delicious Italian cold cut sandwich of house-made charcuterie, which was a hit with guests because of both its flavor and utensil-free qualities, though most guests were happy to juggle their plates, forks, and glasses. Chef Matt Russell from EVO cooked up a hearty sausage and peppers dish, which perfectly complemented the crisp weather, and the Fat Hen’s Chef Fred Neuville offered a tantalizing pairing of smoked pork confit and arugula salad. Chef Mike Lata of FIG served a to-die-for lamb bolognese with ricotta gnocchi that had guests sneaking seconds, while Chef Sean Brock decided to do something a bit different and adventurous, serving bits of octopus in a black truffle sauce.

Everyone ate their fill before settling into tables to listen to the jazzy sounds of Lee Barbour and Friends or strolling about the grounds to take in the magnificent views of Lowndes Grove.

Keegan-Filion Farm was a prolific supplier for our local culinary community, but tragically they suffered a devastating fire that claimed their barn, built in the 1930’s by Annie Keegan's grandfather, and most of their livestock. As word of the fire spread, Patrick Properties Hospitality Group joined forces with Chucktown’s master chefs to organize a wonderful afternoon at Lowndes Grove to benefit Keegan-Filion Farm.