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Last weekend I stopped by Rogue Wave Surf Shop for the first time and to my delight was welcomed with all smiles by the uber-stylish owner, Rhett Boyd.  Surf boards hung from the ceiling and meticulously fashioned mannequins occupied corners and walls all displaying the same personal style aesthetic as...of course... Rhett! Can you tell I am a fan? He gets details and for men's fashion that is key! Not to mention, I just cherish great menswear wherever and whenever we can get it on a local level.  After scouring the joint I snagged a moment with Rhett to get the scoop on his new venture:


AL: How did you come up with the name Rogue Wave?

RB: Rogue Waves are huge waves that come out of nowhere and are so big that they can capsize huge ocean liners. They totally take people by surprise. For me it's all about embracing the unexpected. I love the element of surprise and I feel that Rogue Wave totally catches customers off guard when they walk in and find something totally different than any other surf shop they've ever visited. I also love the rugged, romantic nature of being a rogue. I like to inspire the inner rogue in all of my customers. 


AL: You carry more than surf boards, what other unexpected items do you have in store?

RB: We have a great line of travel accessories by W Durable Goods, all of which are custom designs for our shop. These range from leather watch bands made from vintage military bags, to small clutch and shoulder bags, to weekend duffel bags. All are guaranteed for life. We also stock Apolis Global Denim, and Riviera Club clothing (these brands are amazing and I'm their only stockist in the Southeast), as well as a great selection of vintage accessories and clothing.


AL: Styling clearly is a priority in your shop. How much of it reflects your personal style? 

RB: All of it. What you see here is my life on land and at sea. Both are equally important to me. What I've curated is a collection of my favorite items for the pursuits I love.  I only stock goods that I use and am passionate about. 


AL: What's on your wish list for fall?

RB: Hmmm… definitely Imogene + Willie's Jack jacket. Matt told me that he's doing a version in waxed cotton canvas this Fall. That's an instant classic!!!  





Don't miss your chance to go Rogue as the shop will host Artisan Day featuring Brothers Galleon (Charlotte, NC) who will be on site doing custom screen prints on their reclaimed salvaged tees on August 27th from 3pm - 10pm located at 69 Spring Street. Then head over to Barsa for the free After Party hosted by local streetwear blog, H1gher Learning!  Hey boys - see you there!


Check out the gallery for more photos of Rogue Wave Surf Shop!