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In a season so often marked by formal galas and black tie affairs, the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art’s Harvest Moon party was a welcome breath of fresh autumn air. The mood was fun and relaxed, and everyone seemed happy to trade in their strapless gowns and suits for their favorite pair of boots or jean jacket.

The conversation was lively as people meandered from room to room, pausing to admire the artwork or snag a glass of wine (which was sustainable and served in small mason jars, of course). Bales of hay and pumpkins lined the room, and tin cans filled with flowers adorned a table of delicious eats.

Jake Fussell, renowned musician and score composer for the bluesphere featured film, Citizen Architect, performed beautiful bluegrass music throughout the evening, and guests lingered before the stage when not darting off to have goofy photos taken in front of the elaborate Harvest Moon set.

Though many in the crowd have been making the circuit of Charleston’s fall social events, the chill atmosphere and comfortable scenery brought forth a truly refreshing dynamic to create the perfect evening.

The Harvest Moon Member Appreciation Party offers art enthusiasts an opportunity to support the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art (HICA) through renewing, upgrading, or joining the HICA membership program. The Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art works to provide and encourage innovative contemporary art in the Lowcountry.