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From Sunny Days to Lyte Rays

Republic Garden & Lounge general manager Evan Powell; the Lyte Ray cocktail. Photographs (2) by Brittany Callahan

June 5, 2013

From Sunny Days to Lyte Rays
Learn how to make a low-cal cocktail from Republic Garden & Lounge

written by Gregory Mangieri

With summer’s arrival, concerns about keeping a svelte beach body are on a lot of people’s minds. But at Republic Garden & Lounge you don’t have to forsake flavor to enjoy a low-calorie drink—just try the Lyte Ray cocktail. “This not-overly-alcoholic drink is really refreshing on a hot Charleston day,” says Evan Powell, general manager and the drink’s creator. His simple recipe can be whipped up at home; just be sure to use Voli Light vodka, Powell says, as it only has 74 calories per 1.5 fluid ounces—a calorie-conscious ray of hope.

Lyte Ray
(Makes 1)
2 lemon wedges
2 slices cucumber
1 ½ oz. Voli Light vodka
½ oz. St. Germain
2 oz. club soda

In a shaker, muddle one lemon and one cucumber over ice. Add vodka and St. Germain and shake well. Pour into a rocks glass, top with soda, and garnish with remaining lemon and cucumber.

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Wed, 06/05/2013