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“Christmas in July”…seems like a foreign concept as the Charleston sun remains relentless and unforgiving. Who doesn’t love Christmas though, four months early at that? Tomorrow night, kicking off at 10pm, H1gher Learning (Charleston-based website whose purpose is to highlight Southern streetwear culture) and We Are The Process (Atlanta-based streetwear brand who boasts of Southern pride on their clothing) are putting together “Christmas in July”, hosted at Barsa, to benefit the children of Courageous Kidz, a community that strives to be a Safe Haven for Kids with Cancer.

Streetwear aficionados and even those who don’t consider themselves “streetwear smart” should come and support these local companies as they use fashion to raise money for the Courageous Kidz organization. Larry Luk of We Are The Process gives a first-hand account of having a loved one deal with cancer. “I’ve experienced cancer in my family so I know how difficult it can be. Sure, it’s nice to join forces for the H1gher and We Are The Process brands, but that’s really a secondary benefit of getting involved in an event like Christmas in July.”  Curator, KJ Kearney hopes to “continue to enforce the H1gher Learning brand as the platform for Southern streetwear culture and build off each event in order to keep street style and culture alive in the Holy City.” Five dollars, four potential prizes, three hours, two companies, and one great cause! A win-win!

--Amy Vafai, Guest Blogger

Photo by: We Are The Process