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The 30th Annual Charlie Post Classic 5K & 15K kicked off on Saturday, January 26. A huge crowd of competitors gathered in front of the Sullivan’s Island Firehouse, and soon the horn sounded in the brisk morning air. The runners were off, leaving a group of shivering supporters cheering in their wake. 

Onlookers milled about, many with their canine companions, and the supporters of Meeting Street Academy kept their eyes trained on the track, waiting for the return. The minutes ticked by, and the apprehension grew as friends and family peered down the road looking for the runners. “My son’s running this year,” Mary Haigler confessed. “He really wants to win his division!”

Soon the first finalist was pounding back toward the crowd, and AJ Gawryluk finished the 5K with a time of 17:33.  Maggie Gill would be the first female to cross the line, with a time of 19:44, and Mary Haigler’s son Palmer did in fact come in first for the 12 to 14-year old sector.

The crowd grew louder and louder as more people gathered around to cheer on those still competing, and soon the kids from Meeting Street Academy came into view. Their family and friends went wild yelling and cheering on the young boys, all of whom wore shirts with their names and the words, “My First Race!” The boys crossed the finish line and bee-lined for the bananas and donuts, and their mothers exchanged hugs and congratulations. One supporter laughed, “I saw those green pants coming down the road, and I just started yelling and screaming!” 

After the race, everyone lingered to chat and cool down over breakfast burritos from Triangle Char+Bar and some people stretched out for free massages from The Body Garden

The Charlie Post Classic 5K & 15K is the annual signature event of the Charleston Running Club, and the race honors the memory of Dr. Charlie Post. Last year the event raised $7,500 for the Charlie Post Endowment Scholarship fund at the College of Charleston.