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Over the course of history, Charleston has become a city known for its fashionable constituents, both classic and progressive. Today Charleston is taking its place on the national fashion radar and, as all wardrobe loving Southerners know, in order to embrace our fashionable future we must recognize our stylish past. This month the Charleston Museum launches its newest exhibit, Charleston Couture, featuring over fifty fine garments and accessories from the 1770s to the 1970s.  From March 10 through November 4, Charlestonians and visitors alike will have the privilege of walking through decades of haute couture garments dating as far back as the 1770s to cleanse and enlighten our fashion palate.  The garments are an assortment of couture pieces bought by Lowcountry residents while traveling, formal fashions worn by notable Charlestonians and high-style pieces made by local dressmakers among other pieces.

Featured in the Charleston Couture exhibit are garments by designers like Charles Frederick Worth, known for his influence in Parisian fashion in the late 19th century and Mariano Fortuny who became the height of fashion after being introduced in Venice around 1907.

While strolling through the evolving Charleston trends, do not miss out on the other fashion-related exhibits at the Charleston Museum. TheFashion Plates exhibit showcases plates (fashion illustrations) that appeared in noteworthy publications of their time. Fashion Plates will be on display until May 6.


With Spring just around the corner you can’t miss the Seasonal Fashions: Springtime in Charleston exhibit showcasing embroidered lacy fashions, hats and parasols from the 1900s through the 1920s. This exhibit will be open from February 19 through April 15.

Charleston Fashion week is right around the corner, March 20 – 24; in the meantime be sure to get your fashion fix at the Charleston Museum! For more information on these and other Charleston Museum exhibits visit


Written by Guest Blogger: Angelica Diaz