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Those who attended the 4th annual Charleston Bed Race were in for one wild ride. Colorfully constructed beds on wheels and their entertaining and eclectically dressed teams appeared at Hampton Park to compete in the street race benefiting Camp Happy Days, a non-profit dedicated to supporting children diagnosed with cancer and their families. 

The beds’ aesthetic ranged from funny to strange, and their “pushers” and “riders” appeared to be dressed a trial run for this year’s Halloween. Dorothy and her little dog - who was renamed Toto for the day - mingled with the other members of Oz while a yeti lounged nearby and the redneck team roamed about, sizing up the competition with an intimidating flip of their mullets. The Toy Story team lounged on the grass, saving their energy for the big race. 

The beds raced in initial heats followed by winners’ and a consolation bracket, respectively. Spectators crowded up against the partition, craning for a good look at the ridiculous vehicles flying down the street. A plethora of canine companions also wandered about, tongues lolling. 

The delicious scent of food trucks wafted through the air, and attendees chatted, took photos, and snacked as the afternoon wore on. The day was filled with laughter as the races took unpredictable turns, not least of which was the King of Pops’ first race. The vibrantly hued bed lacked nothing in speed and its team had plenty of enthusiasm, but the directionally-challenged vehicle zig-zagged from left to right, keeping spectators on their toes... literally. The bed careened down the street, veering slightly into the grass at times. “Look! They’re off-roading!” cackled one partygoer. 

The beautiful afternoon of laughter and friends benefited Camp Happy Days. Camp Happy Days offers comprehensive, year-round support for children diagnosed with cancer and their families throughout South Carolina. The organization offers Camp, Family Camp, and Disney Trip programs, and each program is tailored to help benefit the emotional, physical, and psychological health of children and families affected by pediatric cancer.