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The 3rd annual Charleston Bed Race kicked off with wobbling beds and wayward mattresses aplenty. Proudly hailed as “The 2nd Most Fun You Can Have In Bed,” the competition features beds of all shapes and designs, but all beds are required to have four functional wheels making contact with the road surface at all times... but as the festivities got underway, it quickly became apparent that “functional” can be a relative term. Teams got a running start and careened down a two block course to the loud cheers from the crowd of spectators, who on several occasions found themselves diving out of the way of linear-challenged beds.

The Makelab Charleston racing vehicle meandered along one spinning wheel, while the Scooby Doo bed hurtled by with their rider in mid-scream. The King of Pops sailed by on roller skates while a white-knuckled man in a popsicle suit held on for dear life. Veteran bed racing team Til The Wheels come off returned with a game plan this year, which for once did not actually result in any wheels coming off. The bed, which boasted a sign declaring “No Fat Chicks”, left the finish line cleanly before the team abruptly pulled their frame to a stop mid-course. Flannel-clad team members leapt out from behind the bed as their competitor raced back toward the finish line, each member brandishing a Super Soaker. The sneak attack may have put them in dead last place in terms of finishing times, but Til The Wheels came off certainly redefined the race and had the spectators laughing.

As the last heat drew to a close, the judges shifted to the challenging task of deciding what teams would take home the awards for Best Bed Design, Most Outrageous Bed, “What Were You Thinking”/Broken Spring Award, and People’s Choice. Partygoers lined up for treats from the Jack’s Cosmic Dogs and Taco Boy trucks while the deliberations took place, and soon the 3rd Annual Charleston Bed Race drew to a close.

The Charleston Bed Race is an annual event which benefits Camp Happy Days, an organization that has been serving children diagnosed with cancer and their families in the Charleston area for over 28 years. Camp Happy Days is a year round program which supports South Carolina’s pediatric cancer patients by providing programs, special events emotional support and access to crisis resources.