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And the winner is….Slumdog Millionaire. Well, that was everyone’s accurate prediction for the best movie winner last Thursday night at Charleston Ballet Theatre’s annual Oscar Gala.

The evening began with red-carpet arrivals and cocktails at the Charleston Ballet Theatre Black Box Theatre as the very funny Greg Tavares of The Have Nots! channeled Ryan Seacrest providing commentary and asking the “most important” question of the night: Who are you wearing?

After the red-carpet spectacle, guests were ushered to their seats for a dance interpretation of some Oscar-nominated films of 2008: The Dark Knight, Frost/Nixon, Milk, Wall-E, The Wrestler, and Slumdog Millionaire. With their strong male leads, all of these movies gave the male dancers an opportunity to shine.

Guests then made their way over to the American Theatre for a sumptuous three-course dinner catered by Fish. All of the tables were decorated with a classic box office movies designed by local designers. Mine was the King Kong table centered by an enormous, seven-foot tall gorilla surrounded by wild flowers. This thing was so massive; I couldn’t even see my neighbors across the table. And to add to the humor, I was seated with the gorilla’s bum right in my face. Everyone at the table got a big laugh about that.

During the dinner service, a few of the dancers walked around from table to table talking up a few of their upcoming shows. At the end of the month, they will be featuring their children’s series choreographed by Jonathan Tabbert titled Carnival of the Animals. The performance, highlighted by an array of different animals represented by various musical instruments, promises to be a fun and exciting family-friendly show.

As the evening came to a close, The Have Nots! performed their interpretation of the CBT’s dance interpretations of the nominated movies. My favorite came from the movie The Wrestler. The actors danced so hard and out of control they almost knocked each other out.