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Voluminous, flowing ringlets, slashes of bright red eye makeup, ethereal blue eyeliner wings, and enormous braids were only some of the looks found backstage at Charleston Fashion Week on Tuesday. “It’s all about the eyes and the part this year,” Hair and Makeup Creative Director Ashley Book Perryman announced. She was right. Models sporting smoky eyes and hair looped up in bobby pins rushed around getting in their lingerie and accessories for the Bits of Lace runway show, while the Emerging Designers anxiously darted in and out of their partitions in preparation for the first look. The evening’s panel of judges, Sarah Parrott, Cator Sparks, and Nikki Poulos, joined CFW Creative Director Ayoka Lucas backstage for an up close and personal examination of a selected design from each competitor before returning to the main tent for the show. The Bits of Lace girls lined up and the hardworking hair and makeup team rushed about removing bobby pins to create a voluminous vixen look. Emerging Designer Sabrina Spanta’s models were coiffed and dressed in the holding area as the first show got underway, and stylists swooped in with makeup brushes brandished for last minute touchups on the tousled hair or red lips. Emerging Designer Victoria Cid’s models were herded into place, tugged at, spritzed with hair product, scrutinized, and touched up again before being rushed off to the holding area as Spanta’s models left the catwalk to enthusiastic applause. The stylists, who had already finished Emerging Designer Jazsalyn McNeil’s models, breathed a short sigh of relief. They gathered beneath a television monitor to enjoy the show before an onslaught of quick changes. McNeil’s models took the runway after the break with dramatic blue eyeliner and V-shaped parts, while Callie Nichol’s fiery red eyeshadow and neutral lip drew attention backstage. Those models needed for quick changes were snatched up by volunteers the moment they stepped off the runway, hidden behind a white sheet to change garments while the stylists simultaneously redid their looks. The sheets again came into play as the hair and makeup team hurried to both wrap up Featured Designer Hannah Goff’s models and do final touch ups on Emerging Designer Katherine Barron’s girls. Barron’s pristine white line of garments were protected with sheets held aloft while last minute dark shadow was applied. Finally Goff’s looks hit the runway, and all the makeup brushes were laid to rest. Models, designers, and stylists all gathered around the monitors backstage to enjoy the show, though the Emerging Designers seemed to be battling a case of nerves. Katherine Barron was announced the evening’s finalist, and she returned backstage to applause and many hugs from her fellow designers and the models alike.