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If Wednesday at Charleston Fashion Week was the night of the crazy shoe, Thursday was the night when big hair ruled supreme! Stepping past the security guards into the hair and makeup tent, one was immediately enveloped in a hazy cloud of hair product. Stylists teased, sprayed, fluffed, and sprayed again, working at a feverish pace in anticipation of the twenty two quick changes that evening.

The stylists weren’t the only ones working at a frenetic pace last night, however. The Emerging Designers could be spotted dashing around with scissors in hand (running with scissors is only acceptable at a fashion show), lint rolling garments, or critically eyeing hemlines for stray threads.

Soon the big-haired models were being ushered out of hair and makeup. Several sleeker looks would be coming up later that evening, so hair stylists resolutely armed themselves with flat irons as the next set of girls were led in. Sleek, smooth looks began to emerge as the team of perfections slaved over each coif. Meanwhile, everyone backstage gathered around for a better look at the teased Brigitte Bardot ‘dos and the puffy ponytails to rock the runway for local retailer V2V.

Time flies when you’re backstage, and soon the V2V girls were sprinting about the hair and makeup tent for their quick changes. The energy was palpable backstage as everyone frantically tried to do their job without getting in anyone else’s way, but as always, Ashley Brook Perryman was nothing if not calm and positive. “We have three separate looks for the last show,” she explained, as she dashed by with a canister of hair product held aloft.

The pint-sized supermodels finished their finale for Nancy Faw Crowell’s show and received a loud round of applause backstage. Vartika Vikram’s girls lined up for the runway, several dancing backstage before the show started. The lights came up, and they were off. Jordan Lee Brooks’ models were also backstage, practicing their walks one last time before hitting the catwalk.  Soon it was Emerging Design duo Kelly Elizabeth Ruehlman & Amy Cochran Quinn’s turn to wait with their models behind the screen, and the pair high-fived as their introductory video drew to a close.

Then it was Hazel Bae’s turn to show her work, and while her models strutted their stuff, backstage experienced a flurry of activity as the runway coordinators checked and double checked to make sure that all of the Fashion Stars’ models were in the right order... and there was certainly a substantial number of models in that show.

As the first of Sarah Parrott’s girls took the stage, the hair and makeup team gathered around the TV backstage. Luciana Scarabello and Nikki Poulos’ looks took their turn on the catwalk, and as the final look came into view, one of the stylists triumphantly shouted, “Look at that hair!”

Another night of hard work drew to a close, and everyone packed up and headed out into the humid spring evening.