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Did you know that on average, every woman has 22 garments in her closet that she never wears?  I know I do, if not more! And why don’t we ever wear them? Because something just isn't right.  Well, we can all thank the business-minded Aubrie Pagano and fashion designer Sarah Parrott for solving those ‘just not right’ problems for us for good! The two women have come together to create an e-commerce, custom clothing brand where Sarah has designed the garments, and you perfect the details! The idea is that women will be able to log onto the website, and begin the design process by choosing from any of the 22 different pattern pieces.  From there you select from one of five colors, three fabrics and five trims, which could end up to be any one of the unique 3,000 variations! Furthermore, the girls have solved the issue of ordering garments online and not knowing if they will fit or not.  By utilizing the “At Home Fit & Fabric Test” program, Bow & Drape will send you fabric swatches as well as muslin dress samples to ensure you get a flattering fit and look!  But wait, the price of this has to be astronomical right? Wrong! All items start at under $200! Ladies, Bow and Drape just might be the answer to our prayers!


I had the opportunity to catch up with Sarah Parrott and get the full scoop on Bow and Drape and this is what she had to say:


AL: If you had to describe your NBC Fashion Star experience in one sentence what would you say?


SP: A Tease. I want that same level of success outside of Reality T.V. 


AL: How did Charleston Fashion Week help you prepare for such a big moment in you career?


SP: Since I was an Emerging Designer in every sense of the work, it really gave me the foundation that I needed to forge ahead and build a career solely based on a pipe dream. 


AL: In your words how would you describe the perks of Bow & Drape to someone who was unfamiliar? 


SP: The main perk, in my opinion, is literally being able to build your own dress completely tailored to your needs and wants. There have been too many times that I have settled for a dress for an event and completely changed it because it wasn't quite right. Bow and Drape changes the way women will shop and gives them the ability to purchase a dress exactly how they want it. With the different silhouettes, trims, colors and fabric choices there are over 3,000 different options to choose from to tailor to your needs. 


AL: Does your personal style have an influence on what  you provide with Bow & Drape?


SP: Well, I have a 'Sarah's Picks' on the site that show you how I would design the dress for myself personally. Since the pieces I designed are 'staple' dresses, it will really come down to the trim choices that show a person's individuality and personal style. 


AL: How did you and Aubrie Pagano come together on this project?


SP:  She actually found me through my showroom in New York!


AL: What direction do you see this company going in the next few years?


SP: I really see Bow and Drape taking off as quickly as Rent The Runway did. Innovative concepts are what can set you apart in this industry and I think Aubrie has this in the bag!


AL: What's on your personal Fall fashion wish list?


SP: Wedged sneakers, black leather leggings, these amazing wine colored suede Rag and Bone boots  and for it to get chilly enough to pull out my trusty All Saints leather Moto jacket.



Sarah Parrott


Aubrie Pagano


Written by Becca McAdams and Ayoka Lucas