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Former Cynthia Rowley shop girl and style maven, Kate Stewart launched her fashion blog and brand alice & daisy just a year ago which rapidly picked up steam garnering fans from the east coast to across the pond! Still as they say (or as I say?) you can take the girl out of the shop but you can't take the shop out of the girl!

And so it goes! Kate is hosting the Grand Opening party for alice & daisy, vintage and Gypsy Lady Antiques tomorrow eve kicking off 5 p.m. until 8 p.m. at 54 1/2 Broad Street! Charleston has taken another step to becoming a 'Vintage Capital' in the south east! To top it off there will antiques a plenty.

Happiness! Gleason Johnston of Gypsy Lady began by hosting sales in her back yard leading the way to features on a number of decor blogs. When wonder fashion powers unite they form AWESOME finds!  Yes, in true super hero jargon! Recently, I stole a moment of Kate's prep time to get the scoop on this new style venture. See what she has to say here:

AL: How did this fabulous collaboration come together?

KS: Gleason and I actually went to the same high school. She was two years older than me, and we knew who the other was, but since we were two grades apart we never really "hung out". Then about a week before I moved here from NYC, I saw on Facebook that she had just moved to Charleston and sent her a little, "Hi - I don't know if you remember me but..." message and we had dinner.

A few months later we were best friends. In May of 2010 we went to Ireland together for 11 days and both talked about our future plans and dreams - both of which involved having our own store. Gleason and I both knew we would love to have our own individual stores eventually, but why not be two young female entrepreneurs starting at the beginning together!

We can pat each other's backs and give each other a cheer up hug if needed, and learn together along the way.

AL: What about the store are you looking forward to sharing with Charleston the most?

KS: For Gleason, I think she is really excited to teach young people like ourselves, that you don't need to spend a TON of money to have interesting, unique, and well-made antique things in your home.  There are things you can afford now, and you should go ahead and begin your collections.  

Gleason makes the art of antique hunting fun, a bit humorous, and let's the customer in on the thrill of the hunt in a way. I am just thrilled to bring something I've loved since Middle School to the customer - mixing high end and low end, new and vintage together, and incorporating everything together to make your own individual look. I just want the customer to see that in fashion, most things are cyclical.

What was trendy decades ago will most likely come back - and at the alice & daisy, vintage. store. When you find that killer piece that is "so in" this season... no one else is going to have it! You double scored.

AL: You mention the store is perfect for all but specifically the young professional because it's a suitable price point. Describe the 'young professional' customer for me:

KS: Our young professional is just that: someone who is in their last year of college up to their mid 30s. They are still figuring themselves out, blossoming into their career (or what they want their career to be). They want to have mature houses and apartments, with nice and interesting things in them. They want to look great not only at work, but going to happy hour or out on a Saturday.  However, they ARE just blossoming in the workplace - so don't always have the financial means to just splurge for everything. Gleason and I would like to think we're here to help! 

AL: In a nutshell... give me the scoop on what we can expect at the store:

KS: Gypsy Lady caters to both men and women. You can find quirky host/hostess gifts, personal wedding gifts, along with some amazingly priced big home furnishings and conversation pieces. alice & daisy, vintage. is currently all women's clothing from the 60s-80s, and even a few early 90s pieces. I am definitely hoping to have men's sooner rather than later, but one step at a time!

AL: I'm in!

Come join me on the fashion marathon tomorrow night! I'll be starting at the alice & daisy, vintage and Gypsy Lady Antiques Grand Opening bash and then heading over to First Friday at JLINSNIDER on King Street which kicks off at 7 p.m. with vendors, treats, shopping and music until 11!