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Friday at noon we headed to the Piers for the United Bamboo S/S 12 runway presentation. It’s always a hurry up and wait situation because inevitably if you don’t have a seat assignment you are in standing and they are always the last to enter the room. All though if my theory is if you stand by the right person (preferably on headset) they will grab you and throw you in an empty just before the show begins. Now let me back up a bit by saying that in most days when I get dressed before I go out the door I look in the mirror and ask myself… ‘Would the Sartorialist snap my photo. Am I style worthy?’ Yes. Things I do. And lo and behold roaming around the standing line was Scott Schuman himself… and he did not even notice me. Totally cut my fashion ego. Oh well. Holding on to my Street Style moment snapped by a blogger at 1 a.m. the night before.  I managed to scoot into a seat just as the lights faded. My personal faves presented by United Bamboo was their use of leather - shorts (extra short), blazer, skirt. Hair was terrifically braided into a nesty look. Many solids but also a painterly landscape print. WANT- white short pant suit . 

Headed to Lincoln Center, (snapped again by a blogger-ego points back from earlier)  for Cynthia Rowley which I eventually got cut from the standing line and missed the LIndsey Lohan debacle. Did watch a bit of the BCBG show- looks like lots of color blocking and geometric prints are headed our way… oh and leather!

I’m ready.

My Tweet of the day: ‘You really get the scoop sitting in the media lounge at #MBFW. Like what designer ripped off what designer from last season. Dish! Yes.’