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Four hours of sleep later. I am stolen from the standing line by Ed Kavishe of Fashion Wire Press and given a seat. My feet rejoice. Next thing I know i’m bumped to the second row. Is that Scott Disick and Kris Humphries walking into Jill Stuart? Why yes it is and what a swarm of cameras surrounding them. Of course I still find my spot in the midst and with the amazing zoom on my cannon I snapped away. No Kardashian sisters as last September but still a good moment. The two of them literally talked and laughed the entire time only pausing when a model glided by in the uber short shorts Stuart presented this season. *Opens window and screams* I LOVE JILL STUART! I just think she makes chic so effortless and desireable. Also spotted in the Front Row - Kelly Bensimon of Bravo’s Real Housewives Of New York. Totally in her element! Then in walks Brad Goreski wearing THE coveted neon satchel bag. Adore! Looks this season from Jill Stuart: Micro shorts (clearly a trend), amazing color blocking, tailored pants, blazers, and monochromatic ensembles.