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What do Captain Obvious, Wonder Woman, and Spider-Man have in common (other than a brazen use of spandex in public)? All three could be spotted racing along the West Ashley Greenway at the Yoga Benefits Kids 2nd Annual Superhero 5K on Saturday. 

They were joined by superheroes large and small, old and young... though the term “superhero” was up for creative interpretation. Batman, Superman, and Robin milled about before the race, chatting with the Hulk and Captain America, and some of the less conventional superheroes such as Zorro, Captain Obvious, and a pint-sized Captain Mustache headed for the starting line. 

Caped crusaders, masked avengers, vigilantes, and unidentified keepers-of-the-peace lined up and jostled for position. The starting horn sounded, they were off with their brightly colored capes trailing in their wake. Before onlookers even had time to make many “it’s a bird, it’s a plane...” jokes, the first superheroes were pounding their way back toward the finish line. 

Competitors Paula Chapa and Karen Heitner crossed the finish line with ties flapping and guns holstered as the galaxy-defending duo from Men In Black, and they were shortly followed by runner Melanie Purvis crossed the finish line with a giant glittery butterfly mask and a sense of humor, and she laughed, “Who am I? Honestly, I have no clue.” 

After the race, runners headed back to the parking lot for refreshments and a chance to hit the yoga mats. Everyone exchanged high-fives and checked out each other’s costumes, and I couldn’t help asking about several of the less obvious costumes. Michelle Green put her best foot forward in a hot pink cape emblazoned with a purple heart, and she explained simply, “I’m Super Love!” 

Emily Fillippeli came as the Amazing Ashley West, but her 7-week old canine companion Margo the Wonder Mutt stole the show. The tiny boxer-bulldog puppy proudly sported a miniature green cape throughout the race and after party, earning her plenty of love and attention. Perhaps the most touching ensemble of the day, however, was that of Deanna Galasso. Galasso took the opportunity to honor her own personal superhero, the late Momma Mitchell, whose birthday was on September 15. 

The Superhero 5K is an annual fundraiser for Yoga Benefits Kids, a local organization that strives to improve the strength and flexibility of children’s minds and bodies through yoga practice and the use of movement, stress management, and the connection between the brain, body, and breath.