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Burn the Turkey!

Taking a hip-hop class and simply vegging out on the couch both help work off the calories from a hearty Thanksgiving meal. Photographs (turkey) by Peter Frank Edwards & (hip-hop) courtesy of Angel Roberts
November 24, 2010

Burn the Turkey!
Balance your feasting with a little around-town action

written BY Melissa Bigner

Photo by Christopher Nelson

After the roasted turkey and gravy (600 calories), the dressing (stuff in 180 more), the green bean casserole (those veggies pack another 225), and the pecan pie (a whooping 555 when you add whipped cream) not to mention the cranberry sauce (210), mashed potatoes (150), candied yams (365), dinner roll (155 with butter), and wine (250) your Thanksgiving intake tally can reach upwards of 2,700 big ones. Fortunately, the Lowcountry is blessed with a cornucopia of opportunities to burn off that bird. Here are a few ideas to get you motivated:

Shag dance to four songs in a row: 47 calories

Pass out for an hour on Granny's sofa after your meal: 60 calories

Watch TV instead of catching ZZZs: 67 calories

Clear the table, scrub the dishes, and clean up for half an hour: 100 calories

Bowl at Twin River Lanes for one hour (no noshing allowed): 191 calories

Sprint up and down the Custom House stairs for 30 minutes: 254 calories

Rake and bag leaves for an hour: 267 calories

Kayak tidal marsh creeks for one hour: 318 calories

Gently skate North Charleston's Ice Palace for an hour: 318 calories

Shop King Street on Black Friday for three hours, nonstop: 381 calories

Bike around Hampton Park for an hour: 381 calories

Golf any course in town for three hours: 476 calories in a cart; 762 if you walk

Take Angel Roberts' 90-minute Peace Love Hip Hop class for $10: 543 calories ( for times and locations)

Play an hour and a half of touch football in Marion Square: 572 calories

Take on the guys at the Jack Adams Tennis Center for an hour and a half: 572 calories

Briskly waddle the Ravenel Bridge, end-to-end and back again, while wearing a big ol� backpack: 635 calories

Happy Thanksgiving from the staff of Charleston magazine.

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Wed, 11/24/2010