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Beauty is a Beast

Style director Ayoka Lucas looks on as photographer Tim Hussey moves in for a close-up. Photograph by Kennan Eiler

September 16, 2010

Beauty is a Beast
It’s not all glitz and glamour behind the scenes at our fashion photo shoots. See the blood, sweat, and sometimes tears that went into producing the polished pages of Charleston’s September “Industrial Evolution” feature

Not many projects require team members to balance on walls and gracefully climb ladders in five-inch stilettos or don a full suit while daring to look cool under a full July sun and in relentless humidity. Then again, not many projects hold the allure and adventure of a fashion photo shoot.

For Charleston magazine’s fall fashion feature, “Industrial Evolution,” which hit newsstands this month, style director Ayoka Lucas, photographer Tim Hussey, and crew stepped onto the Old Navy Base to explore the latest style trends against the stark backdrop of industrial warehouses. Over a day and a half, the team put together edgy ensembles, crafted meticulously styled looks, and captured images of raw beauty.

But the shoot was more than coveted clothing and accessories. It was also dirty spaces, rubble, rain, and extreme heat that had everyone gripping handheld fans and chugging endless amounts of water. (Typical photo shoot conditions!) “There were never enough misters or fans at any one time,” says Ayoka, “and all I could think about was keeping the models from melting under all of those fall layers.” Makeup artist Ashley Brook Perryman also had the daunting chore of keeping the models’ makeup and hair perspiration-free while the rest of the style team scrambled to ensure garments and shoes remained pristine. There were even moments when Ayoka had to style looks right out of the van that carried the group to various outdoor locations.

Curious to see what happens behind the scenes? Our photography interns and filmmaker Adam Boozer dared to rough it on the shoot to give readers a peek at the goings-on behind the glamour.

To check out the slide show of behind-the-scene photos and watch the film short by Adam Boozer, click here.

For a list of newsstand locations, click here.


Thu, 09/16/2010