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December 2008

A conversation with Bobby Flay, Marion Sullivan attends a New Year's Eve fiesta, and The Food+Wine Festival 2009 Calendar.
Eat + Drink

The Lowcountry’s own Matt Lee & Ted Lee dish with Bobby Flay about Charleston—why he loves our city, believes shrimp and grits is an iconic American dish, and can’t wait for the 2009 Charleston Food + Wine Festival

Eat + Drink

Sample the latest wave of ethnic markets to arrive in the Lowcountry— where employees and customers are often first-generation Americans—offering exotic fare from live winkle snails to stewed tripe

Eat + Drink

The Red Drum chef-owner Ben Berryhill and family 
invite staff and friends to their Old Village home for a spicy New Year’s Day celebration with Ben's signature cowboy cuisine

The Review

Nature’s finest is rich, hearty, and quickly finding its way into the hearts and bellies of Charlestonians at The Glass Onion café in West Ashley.

The Charleston Profile

The former General Foods CEO and chairman who helped create some iconic American food products

The Charleston Home

A young family transforms an Old Village church into a home that fosters creativity

Arts Profile

Lisa Shimko’s fresh production serves up a sustainable message

Chef's Table

A Charleston chef receives a coveted invitation to one of the food world highlights of the year

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