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August 2011

The Charleston Profile:
Robert Prioleau

One of the creative minds behind digital marketing company Blue Ion shares his passion for blues tunes, outdoor adventuring, and the wild West







On the Board: “Skateboarding keeps me connected to my youth, and I think it’s a legitimate way to get around town.”


Lone Star Style:
“I grew up split between New England and Texas, so I always have this longing for the West—and Western wear.”





Notable Artist: “The color and rawness of Lamar Sorrento’s work mesmerizes me. This is a young B.B. King.”



Feeling the Blues: “The harmonica is the only instrument I can play, and I love the blues. This Hohner Golden Melody has an extra nice feel.”







Nice Shot: “Peter Frank Edwards took this in his backyard on New Year’s Day. I was showing Isabel how to shoot a BB gun.”







Patrón Patron: “Tequila makes me feel seven feet tall—in a good, not destructive, way.”



Mad for iPad: “Apple does a beautiful job making technology desirable. It becomes a fashion statement.”


Life Cycler: “I’ve loved biking since I was a kid and now get to ride around town every day. This is my current love—an old Nishiki 10-speed.”







Ride Share: “I love paddleboarding around Sullivan’s on my Maya board. Isabel likes to join me on our other board, and is getting pretty good at paddling.”


On the Job: “Each good business has its own essence. We help clients unleash it, and that’s really cool to watch happen.”
Off Hours: “My family and I are usually exploring outdoors—walking downtown, hiking, fishing, crabbing, or surfing. It’s about breathing good air and observing.”
In the Elements: “Nothing cleanses my mind like going on a run, especially during a downpour. You’re out in this funny, crazy rainstorm and forget you’re running.”