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March 2011

Mini-Makeover Potting Shed

As the season’s pleasant temps beckon green thumbs back to the garden, why not undertake a pretty project that will help keep your beds and borders in full bloom?

With a few easy-to-come-by supplies, we took this box-store bookshelf ($120 at Lowe’s) and turned it into a patio-ready potting station—while keeping our budget in check. Here’s how:

You will need:
• 1 A-frame bookcase
• 1 qt. primer
• 1 qt. paint
• 1 qt. sealer
• 1 1/2-2 yds. fabric
• 1 roll Stitch Witchery
• 1 27-48'' tension rod
• 2 paintbrushes (one synthetic)
• Fabric shears
• Measuring tape
• Iron

STEP 1: Assemble the shelf according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

STEP 2: Paint entire bookshelf with primer. After primer is dry (two to three hours later), follow with two coats of paint (we used Valspar’s Black Forest in acrylic latex), allowing one-hour drying time between coats. Apply one to two coats of water-based polyurethane sealer with a synthetic paintbrush.

STEP 3: Measure the space from the third shelf to the floor, then measure the width of the bookcase. Add two inches to the height and double the width. Cut a piece of fabric (we used linen—a steal at $2 per yard from Walmart) to size and iron a one-inch hem along the top. Cut a piece of Stitch Witchery to run the length of the hem. Place it just beneath the raw edge of the fabric to allow a half-inch gap for the tension rod to slide through. Follow Stitch Witchery instructions to fuse seam. Insert tension rod and hang just under the third shelf to conceal clutter. (We left the edges unhemmed for an easy,
breezy look.)

STEP 4: Fill shelves with potting tools, watering cans, seed packets, bulbs, and other gardening necessities.


Shot on location at 15 Franklin Street (downtown Charleston), exclusively listed by Margaret Swanson, William Means Real Estate, 41 Broad St., Charleston, (843) 577-6651, or; Bookcase, tension rod, terra cotta pots, and paint/primer from Lowe’s, 1104 Market Center Blvd., Mt. Pleasant, (843) 881-5757; 770 Daniel Ellis Dr., Charleston, (843) 795-9774; 3125 Glenn McConnell Pkwy., Charleston, (843) 852-9099; 7555 Northwoods Blvd., North Charleston, (843) 572-4613,; linen fabric and Stitch Witchery from Walmart, 1231 Folly Rd., Charleston, (843) 762-9034; 4920 Centre Pointe Dr., North Charleston, (843) 740-1112; 3951 W. Ashley Cir., Charleston, (843) 763-5554; 3000 Proprieters Pl., Mt. Pleasant, (843) 884-2844; 1481 N. Highway 17, Mt. Pleasant, (843) 881-6100; 7400 Rivers Ave., North Charleston, (843) 572-9660,; copper watering can from Abide-A-While Garden Center, 1460 N. Highway 17, Mt. Pleasant, (843) 884-9738; supplies and galvanized can from All Seasons True Value Hardware, 866 Folly Rd., Charleston, (843) 577-9196,