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November 2011

Mini Makeover: Coffee Table

Good upholstered furniture doesn’t come cheap, but creative workarounds can yield big-time savings. Take this plain-Jane coffee table we found on Craigslist for $30: inspired by retail versions of luxe ottomans that pull double duty as extra seating, we dressed it up with regal green velvet ($18/yd.) and a Greek key-pattern trim ($6.99/yd.) for a DIY knockout.

You will need:
• Flat-top coffee table (14-16'' in height)
• 1 qt. paint (color of choice)
• 1-16 oz. can of wipe-on polyurethane sealant (we like Minwax)
• Paintbrush
• 4'' upholstery cushion foam
• Box cutter
• Extra-loft quilt batting
• Spray adhesive
• Staple gun and staples
• Fabric to cover tabletop and sides (we ordered 2 yds. for our 44'' x 26'' table)
• 1-2 inch-wide trim (we used 4 yds.)
• Sewing pins
• Fabric glue

Step 1:  
Paint the legs of the table (we used semi-gloss black). Repeat with a second coat, allow dry-time, and top with sealant.

Step 2:  
On a sturdy, flat surface, trim upholstery foam to the size of the tabletop using a box cutter. Be sure the foam is flush with table edges and
corners. Using leftover foam, cut pieces to fit the table’s long aprons to provide padding underneath the lip of the tabletop. Adhere foam to top and sides with spray adhesive and allow one hour to dry.

Step 3:  
Fold the batting in half to create a double layer. Center on the table to ensure it covers the top and the aprons. Pull the batting tight and secure on all sides with a staple gun to the backside of the table aprons, being careful to ensure the batting lays flat on aprons’ corner surfaces. Work in a straight, clean line because your trim will need to cover the batting and fabric staples.

Step 4:  
Secure your fabric in the same manner as the batting, pulling tightly as you staple. When you reach the aprons’ corners, staple the fabric so it’s in line with the bottom of the aprons. Fold into hospital corners and secure.

Step 5:  
Using a box cutter, trim batting and fabric on the aprons’ corner pieces to just below the staples.

Step 6:  
Tack fabric trim in place with sewing pins, being sure to cover all staples. Attach the trim using permanent fabric glue. Allow four hours drying time.