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Wednesday, April 10, 2013 - 8:00pm

Event Details

Jazz Artists of Charleston (JAC) announces programming for its 2nd Annual JAC Week, presenting five days of diverse programming and debut concerts to celebrate the work of JAC and the Charleston Jazz Orchestra, while raising awareness and funds to keep Charleston’s jazz culture and legacy alive and thriving. In a completely original performance, local jazz groove band Faces for Radio performs new music inspired by local Charleston food trends. With original tunes like Food Truck Wars, Coconut Water, Put an Egg On It, and more, Food Grooves is sure to be unlike any other event. Located at downtown food hub, this concert will be attended by local food trucks, so come early to grab some grub and excite both your taste buds and your eardrums. Faces for Radio is Tyler Ross on guitar, Gerald Gregory on keyboards, Ben Wells on Bass, and Stuart White on drums. The quartet collaboration of creatives is known for innovation, improvisation, and interesting inspirations and their exciting live shows have been garnering a healthy following. Do not miss this unique opportunity to pair delicious local eats and brews with brand-new music, all inside a giant food warehouse! Doors open one hour prior to the show.

$10. (843)641-0011, 

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