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Date & Time

Sunday, April 28, 2013 - 4:00pm

Event Details


Join the Taylor Festival Choir and Na Fidleiri for a rousing concert at Grace Episcopal Church celebrating our Irish Heritage and previewing the concerts we will take to Ireland this Summer. The program will reflect the various ways the Irish (and in a broader sense, Celtic) culture has impacted the musical arts in the US, and showcase the virtuosity, versatility, and uniqueness of TFC and Na Fidleiri in the nation that inspires and informs much of their artistic activities. The program will blend the predominately “classical” artistry of TFC with the hybrid playing of Na Fidleiri, which uses classical playing styles and arrangement techniques (including intricate counterpoint) in performing traditional Irish and American Old Time tunes. Newly commissioned works will also be presented.

$18; $25 for preferred seating; $10 for student.

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