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Fight for Air Climb

Date & Time

Saturday, July 20, 2013 - 7:00am


North Charleston Coliseum, 5001 Coliseum Dr., North Charleston

Event Details

Individuals and firefighters run up and down the stairs of the Coliseum. There are three different challenges: the Climb, which consist of over 1,500 stairs; the Ultra Climb, which consist of over 5,00 stairs; and the Firefighter Challenge, which consist of firefighters running up and down over 1,500 stairs in full firefighter gear. The Ultra Climb will start at 7am, followed by the Climb at 8:30am and the Firefighter Challenge at 9am. After the event, the American Lung Association will host an after party at the Coliseum including an awards ceremony. Sponsored by East Shore Athletic Club.