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Monday, October 11, 2010 - 6:00pm


Redux Contemporary Art Center, 136 St. Philip St.

Event Details

Each installment of this insightful series features two talks, one on an art topic and one focusing on a seemingly unrelated field, then invites the audience to discuss the relationships between them. On October 4, Harper Poe of Proud Mary discusses “Empowerment Through Textiles” and percussionist Ron Wiltrout explores “Indeterminacy: Chance, Control, and their Effects on the Experience of Music.”
October 11 brings Mikayla Mackness, an Art Institute of Charleston faculty member, to talk about “Crude Verity: Light’s Confessions in Photograph” and Charleston County Environmental Management Recycling Educator Jenny Bloom to lecture on “Recycling: How, Why, and Why Not More?”

Redux Contemporary Art Center, 136 St. Philip St. Monday, 6pm. Free. (843)722-0697,

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