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Thursday, April 4, 2013 - 7:30pm

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Every year since 1999, two nights before the Cooper River Bridge Run, store owner and local writer Jonathan Sanchez debuts a new short story. This is that night.


In honor of the 15th happening of the event, some fun facts:

1. When the series started there were only 49 stars on the American flag. (On a related note: Congratulations Hawaii! Welcome to the gang!)

2. The first (1999) was in the living room of 164 Broad Street.

3. The show is not boring.

4. Some characters from past years' stories: exterminators, amateur astronomers, dressmakers, Air Force enlisted men, yoga-enthusiasts, gun-enthusiasts and hot sauce-enthusiasts.

5. Jonathan Sanchez is not super into running.


Join us for drinks and supplementary readings by the whole BBB staff.

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