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Catch a Big Red at the Jetties

Redfish (also called red drum or spottail) are the prize catch of local inshore fishing, and the biggest ones hang out along the rocks at the Charleston Jetties. “Reeling in redfish over three feet at the jetties is common,” says Captain Geoff Bennett of Charleston Charter Fishing [(843) 324-3332,]. Whether you charter a trip or take your own boat, follow Bennett’s tips for jetty fishing:

■ Anchor on the outside of the jetties—not inside, where you’ll get crushed by cargo ship wake!

■ Use a heavy rod with a “Fish Finder” rig that includes two to four ounces of weights, an 80-pound test leader, and a size 7/0 circle hook.

■ The most effective baits are menhaden, mullet, and blue crab.