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Home Furnishings, Accessories and Remodeling

Ferguson does more than simply get you the products you need, when you need them

More than 55 years of industry knowledge, unrivaled service, and an unwavering commitment to our professional customer base positions us as the leader in wholesale distribution year after year.

Mechanical and HVAC contractors know that we understand their business. Builders, plumbers and other professionals trust our knowledge of the residential and commercial construction industry, and government entities, municipalities, fire & fabrication, and a variety of other specialty businesses turn to us for our technical knowledge.

Customers appreciate Ferguson's long-standing tradition of developing strong relationships, and recognize that we will do whatever it takes to ensure their success. We constantly demonstrate value through our:

Breadth of inventory across market sectors
National distribution center network that assures timely delivery
More than 1,300 convenient branch locations
Sales associates with specific industry knowledge
Incredible sourcing capabilities for hard-to-find products
Professional quotations, takeoffs and submittals
Customer code cross referencing from our system to yours
Estimating software solutions
Product capabilities
Pipe fabrication - pipe cutting, roll grooved
Valve actuation and valve automation
And more!
Technology Solutions
Online order and account access - Ferguson Online
Direct customer integrations and online catalogs
Inventory management solutions
And tons of other services specific to your industry or market segment!
If you have great expectations for service and dependability, contact your local Ferguson branch today.