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This may possibly be one of the best days of my life!

I love that I was able to stand with my close friends (and now new friends) in Marion Square and watch the Obama Inauguration on the Jumbotron!

For a moment I felt like I was in DC amongst the millions! People were wrapped up in the frigid weather in layers of coats, scarfs, gloves, blankets and for a few tear jerking moments, each other. In light of this momentous occasion I thought it was suitable to shift our fashion thoughts to Obama t-shirts! Today marks the beginning of my new obsession and my new collection of these radically historic memorabilia. Here a few of my faves!

This Run DC shirt is so on the money. Word is that it’s a hot item in the streets of NYC. If you ever loved Run DMC or even MTV’s Run’s House then you can appreciate the sentiment!

I love a great silhouette and of course block letters are all the rage as a leading t-shirt trend! Sold at!

And of course…Shepard Fairey’s Obama design that has swept the nation! This Charleston born artist who emerged from the skateboarding scene has been called one of today’s best known and most influential street artist widely known for his OBEY Giant propaganda!

Naturally, there are thousands of options for Obama wear floating around stores and online but these just happen to top my list for kicking off my own personal collection!

Speaking of Iconic T-shirts:


We have our own local icon taking Charleston by storm. Seen on almost every dress and lapel at Charleston Fashion Week ‘ 08, the Margo button was and is a local collectors item. Now Margo Tees are available in several designs and color combinations and are being spotted worn around town by many of the local style mavens! This line of T-shirts are currently being sold at Hampden Clothing and Susan Michelle Shoes or you can place an order at the Margo Kaufman Gallery Website! Also a new edition to my Tee’s collection!

Yes, I am a little T-shirt happy these days!