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I keep getting distracted by news of a good sale, and this one I'm dying to hit, so I've gotta share it with you. One of my all-time fave haunts for all things home furnishings is having a tent sale this weekend! ESD on Savannah Highway (their first, and longtime location was on King Street) is promising price tags up to 80% off. If you're unfamiliar, they've got a pretty eclectic mix--lots of antique wood tables, lamps, plus lots of pretty upholstery. Here's the deal: It's this Thursday, August 19 through Saturday, August 21. 9am-4pm, 422 Savannah Highway. See you there! 

Then again, this time of year, EVERYONE should be a bargain shopper. Store owners are trying to make room for new inventory, and you can really clean house. Examples:

I hear Celadon has 20% and 30% markdowns on rugs and outdoor furniture, GDC is running 20% discounts, Acquisitions on East Bay Street is discounting upholstery, Maine Cottage is holding a sale on their floor samples... I recommend calling up your favorite shop today and asking what's on sale. This time of year, there's bound to be a bargain. 

And here's a thought: if you hit this sale or any other local event—or even just an antique mall with year-round deals—why not shoot me an email and show off your loot? After all, who doesn't like to brag about scoring a killer deal? And second, I can share with other readers as a reminder what can be unearthed right here in our local shops, without a trip to Atlanta or New York. So bring it on—I'll show you mine if you show me yours.