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In daylights, in sunsets; in midnights, in cups of coffee; in inches, in miles; in laughter, in strife. Love.

The cast of the Tony Award-winning musical Rent suggest that the "five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes" of a single year are best measured by the love in your life.

For the relatively small but wholly supportive crowd that attended the opening night gala of Rent on Thursday night, it was an event awash in love. From the volunteer ushers who worked the door at the Charleston Music Hall to the impromptu after-party cabaret that rocked the rafters of the American Theatre, it was a high energy evening of entertainment.

From now until Valentine's Day, the modern day interpretation of La Boheme will enthrall audiences with its richly talented voices and gritty tale, while a portion of proceeds will benefit the Roper St. Francis Ryan White Foundation and the Alliance for Full Acceptance.