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Greetings! We’re just in from the High Point Furniture Market and I’m bursting to share all that we have found! Last Spring’s finds were limited, so we weren’t certain of what to expect—the past year's economic uncertainties forced a lot of designers to scale back new introductions. This Fall, however, we were pleased to find that designers have a sunnier outlook and were bold enough to launch so many great concepts.
First things first…. Linen is the new black!  Showroom after showroom featured linen, along with its cousins, canvas and hopsack. Some designers kept it neutral in organic tones, while others punched it up with fabulous colors.  Another twist on this trend: linen upholstery with words printed on the fabric (typically in script, usually in French, or of the rubber-stamp, hopsack variety).
The drumbeat’s getting louder… the emphasis on producing quality-made, eco-friendly furniture continues to grow, and this mantra was all the buzz this week. The demand for sustainable furniture has risen as consumers have become better educated on the subject. Manufacturers across the spectrum are responding by using materials from renewable sources and incorporating other “green” initiatives into their operations. Industry leaders Hickory Chair ( ) and Cisco Brothers ( ), 1st and 2nd place winners (respectively) of this year’s SAGE Award, showed how easily you can achieve both sustainability AND style, with examples of their custom craftsmanship throughout their showrooms.

Next up… this year was star-studded! Sometimes markets can be such a chore, filled with long days and tired feet, but trekking through the showrooms this year was truly like walking through the pages of a favorite shelter magazine! Breakfast with Alexa Hampton, book signing with Suzanne Kasler, parties with Thom Filicia and Thomas O’Brien, and editors of all the major publications were at every turn, with their entourages in tow!  And of course, the Twitterverse was there in droves, documenting every design star sighting!
All in all, we had a very successful treasure hunt and look forward to sharing our “finds” with you!  

Happy Fall!
Leigh Meadows-McAlpin, Dwelling

Leigh Meadows-McAlpin, along with her husband, Tim, opened Upper King Street design emporium Dwelling in 2002. Both the store and Dwelling's design work have been featured in Travel & Leisure, Southern Accents, Arts and Antiques, Southern Living, Decor, and Beautiful Homes.

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