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How's this for a twist on the tired office birthday card?

You know the ones I mean—standard-issue "from all of us" greetings with images of a half dozen cartoon-ish staffers and a wise little saying about how much everyone loves cake or happy hour. Not this time. Instead, this handmade number made the rounds at our office yesterday in honor of our lovely special events coordinator, Naomi Russell. I swooned over it! Turns out, it was the hand-stamped handiwork of circulation assistant Helen Knight (also known for knockout office baked goods).

Helen says she's taken to making cards rather than buying them, making sentiments more personal and creative. She offered up as her source for materials and inspiration. And it's a cool website, packing in everything from pretty, feminine wood stamp designs to clever word collages. Not only that, they've got larger designs for decorative wall projects (vines, large-scale words, etc.) 

Like the look of the card? Here's Helen's DIY details:

DIY Greeting Card
(Hands-On Time: 30 minutes) 

2 8 1/2” x 11” sheets cardstock* in two different colors (packages start at around $6 for 24 sheets)

Glue stick


1 8 1/2” x 11” sheet standard printer paper

1 large, damask-style, wood-mounted stamp*, ($19.94)

1 Craft Stampin’ Inkpad* ($8.33)

1 Circular Designer Brad* (starts at $6 for a pack of 16 pieces)

1 oval birthday stamp* ($15.50 for set)

Cut the darker sheet of cardstock in half horizontally. Cut the second piece of cardstock a quarter-inch smaller on all sides than the first sheet. Repeat with white printer paper. Glue small cardstock to center of one side of larger sheet; dry completely. Glue white copy paper to center of other side; dry completely. Fold so that the cardstock is on the exterior of the card. Stamp medallion design onto the cardstock. Adorn the center with a decorative brad. Stamp birthday greeting in remaining white space.

* materials from