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Clearance sale souvenirs!

I promised yesterday to give an update on anything I scored as I cruised home and garden sales. Originally $550, this pair of antique grasshopper chairs from ESD were marked down to just $150 for the pair. Combine that with the fact that it will take less than a yard to reupholster the, I was sold. Plus, as I explained to fellow editor Melissa Bigner in the office today, on the heels of her suggestion to coat them with a nice white sheen: I'm feeling a little gothic lately. As in, attracted to dark pieces of art, old ironwork, and weirdly scary architecture.

Budget note: Though these chairs are perfectly sturdy and functional, was I in the market for hall or foyer chairs that you can't exactly curl up in? Not especially—I prefer sink-into-it seating that are good for lazy Sundays. But even on sale, my budget couldn't stretch half as far as I'd need for those. Meanwhile, what I am in the market for is a little symmetry in my house, a little order. Situated on either side of a console table, these will do just that—with an odd, eclectic little kick to them, too. That, plus they are sort of frightening... so these chairs and I ought to get along just fine.

Again, have a good steal of your own? Leave a comment or shoot me an email at with a photo. It's great to hear what kind of bargain basement deals everyone's finding right here in the Lowcountry.